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Maxwell Shellfish is a fifth generation wholesale and retail market that cultivates, buys and sells oysters, clams and other seafood and is currently run by John and Kim Maxwell. John’s ancestors the Maxwell’s, Adams, Allen’s and Dayton’s have been harvesting clams and growing oysters since the 1830’s on the waters of New Jersey. They’ve been coastal traders, bay men, fishermen and boat builders in South Jersey for over 150 years. Our oyster boats are named after John’s grandfathers the Capt. Curtis Maxwell and the Capt. Joe Dayton.

We are located in Port Republic at Nacote Creek, a tributary of the Mullica River. Our clams and oysters come from the Mullica River and the Great Bay at the confluence of Atlantic, Burlington and Ocean Counties.

Though primarily a wholesaler to markets on the east coast and local restaurants we now have a retail market where you can buy a variety of local clams, oysters, scallops, shrimp, crabs and fish at a reasonable price.

Our goal at Maxwell Shellfish is to grow our business in an environmentally sound way in harmony with nature to preserve the culture and heritage of our family.



Now Open For the 2017 Season!

Thursdays: 11 to 6
Fridays: 11 to 6
Saturdays: 11 to 6
Sundays: 11 to 4

Graveling Point & Crab Island Oysters. Clams, Fish, Shrimp, Scallops & More! Call for Availability.
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