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Maxwell Shellfish offers a wide variety of clams. Some of these are Little Necks, Middle Necks (Specials), Top Necks, Cherrystones and Chowders.

Farm raised clams originate from small seed which are spawned at a hatchery and later planted underneath mesh screens to protect them from predation. Typically grown in shallow water, as the clam farmer must clean and maintain the screens while monitoring the size for the upcoming market.

Wild clams originate solely from Mother Nature and naturally “set” on the bottom. Unlike farm raised clams which are planted; baymen must use their knowledge of the bay to locate and harvest wild clams.

Maxwell Shellfish only sells locally harvested clams from area baymen who possess a State of New Jersey commercial license to harvest shellfish. Clams are harvested year round from the clean fresh waters of the southern New Jersey bays and waterways. Clams are classified as either “farm raised” or “wild” when they are delivered to us. The baymen must also provide us with the precise date and location of the harvest. This information is kept on file to be monitored and inspected by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health.




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