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Oysters are considered a delicacy by most and critiqued similar to fine wines and cheeses. Oysters are site specific, meaning their size, shape, texture, and taste are defined by the environment in which they are raised. Water salinity, tidal flow, climate, and bottom structure are several of the defining factors which differentiate one oyster from another. Oysters are classified as either farm raised or wild.

Farm raised oysters originate in a hatchery that optimizes growth and enhances uniform characteristics. Farm raised oysters are transplanted from the hatchery to grow-out sites, where various growing methods are utilized. Growing methods often include cages, rack/bag, broadcasting, etc. Regulations only allow “structure” in certain locations throughout the state. Farm raised oysters are uniform in size and shape, as the seed is produced in a controlled environment.

Wild oysters originate solely by Mother Nature, therefore their growth, size, shape, and taste originates from the location in which they grow.

Maxwell Shellfish cultivates wild oyster seed by broadcasting crushed shells every spring along the bottom of the shellfish leases, located in the Mullica River. Oysters naturally spawn and the microscopic organisms attach to the crushed shells. The seed grows for approximately two years, before being harvested and transplanted to grow-out leases until they reach market size.  The grow-out leases provide a much higher salinity and other conditions which provide a distinct oyster. The uniformity of wild oysters comes from the lengthy hand selected process for the individual market.

Our oysters are freshly harvested, crisp, cool, and unmatched!



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Graveling Point & Crab Island Oysters. Clams, Fish, Shrimp, Scallops & More! Call for Availability.
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